Service Area & Facilities

Service Area

The Jonestown Water Supply Corporation's Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) available below is what defines the service boundaries of the Jonestown Water Supply Corporation. While there is not a "metes and bounds" description available of the area itself, it is comprised of land which extends both inside and outside of the City of Jonestown and its ETJ.

The Jonestown Water Supply serves Jonestown proper, extending to the west into South Jonestown Hills south of 1431 and as far as parts of Old Burnet Road.

To the north of Jonestown, the boundaries include the Deer Canyon and Turkey Bend Road areas, extending up across Panoramic View and over to the White Rim Subdivision.

To the east, service extends as far as Nameless Road and then cuts back down, across 1431 and across Lake Travis up to the North Rim Subdivision and Trails End Road area and extends all the way down Trails End Road, but from the west side of the road only until it reaches the Trails End Subdivision, where the boundary does extend back to the other side of the road to encompass the North, Middle and extreme East Darleen areas.

If you have a question about a particular street, whether it is in our service area or whether there may already be water lines nearby, please refer to the List of Streets & Subdivisions attached below, or feel free to call or come by our office for more information.


Jonestown WSC has twelve facilities. These facilities consist of two treatment plants, three elevated storage tanks, five hydro-pneumatic systems, one raw water intake barge, and one pre-treatment injection site.

The Horton and Popham treatment plants are located on Easy Street. Combined, they have a production capacity of one million gallons per day (MGD), and a pumping capacity of 2.3 MGD. The actual amount of water sold everyday averages around .3 MGD in the winter and .6 MGD in the summer, although freezes and hot spells can cause daily consumption to fluctuate considerably.

Jonestown WSC has an available storage capacity of 500,000 gallons
The raw water intake barge located in the Sandy Creek Arm of Lake Travis has a pumping capacity of 1.3 MGD, with an upgrade potential to pump 20 MGD. Thus, it should be able to serve us well into the future.

Jonestown WSC Floating Water Intake

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