Annual Meetings

The 2024 Annual Membership meeting will be held on Monday, April 15, 2024 at 7:30pm at the JWSC office in Jonestown, located at 10700 Crestview Drive.  If you have previously submitted a ballot, you will not be able to vote at the meeting, as your ballot will have already been validated.  If you have not voted in advance of the meeting, you may request a ballot just prior to the start of the meeting and submit it up to the moment when a last call for ballots has been made.

If you have not received a ballot or have lost your ballot, you may request a replacement in writing, either by email, (email address must be verifiable, either by the records in the JWSC office, or by the email address name), or by handwritten request.  You may pick up the replacement ballot at the JWSC office, or we will MAIL you a replacement (probably not the best option if you didn't receive it in the mail to begin with.)


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