Jonestown WSC has twelve facilities. These facilities consist of two treatment plants, three elevated storage tanks, five hydro-pneumatic systems, one raw water intake barge, and one pre-treatment injection site.

The Horton and Popham treatment plants are located on Easy Street. Combined, they have a production capacity of one million gallons per day (MGD), and a pumping capacity of 2.3 MGD. The actual amount of water sold everyday averages around .3 MGD in the winter and .6 MGD in the summer, although freezes and hot spells can cause daily consumption to fluctuate considerably.

Jonestown WSC has an available storage capacity of 500,000 gallons

The raw water intake barge located in the Sandy Creek Arm of Lake Travis has a pumping capacity of 1.3 MGD, with an upgrade potential to pump 20 MGD. Thus, it should be able to serve us well into the future. Intake Barge